Our Services

Country Developers possess strong expertise in the construction of high-quality, sustainable property assets. It offers unparalleled industry expertise and professional services to the Construction Sector. Our dedicated team of construction and engineering professionals are pro-active in ensuring that their project management skills, together with the use of sophisticated cost management measures, results in the completion of projects on time and within the budget.

The company has the ability to procure the best sub-contractors and suppliers and maintains excellent records of sustained relations.

We offer a variety of construction services for all your construction needs.

Our services include:

Project Conceptualization

The project, at this stage, is abstracted which takes the agreement to a next step and eventually its completion. To avoid the slightest friction of disagreement Country Developer’s has developed teams of experts for every level. To convert dreams into reality is the supreme form of fine art which Country Developer’s is best at. The clients’ vague concepts are conceived well and transformed into reality.

Assembling of Pre-feasibilities and Feasibilities report

A preliminary study is undertaken to determine if it is practicable to proceed with the project and in the same lines a feasibility report is also made. All pros & cons are weighed scientifically to omit the slightest chance of project failure. The stakeholders’ concerns are taken into deep consideration, and every concern raised is critically examined and evaluated. Properly developed feasibility is the backbone of any project. It will hold and keep erect the project up, elegant and towering.

Development of Planning, Architectural and Structural Designs

The concepts developed for structures are shaped into images and plans. The facade of buildings, maps, 3D drawings for easy understanding and comprehension and other structures are created. The structural design of the site and other related places (to store, cut, mix and develop the building materials) are developed with minute details. The feasibility report is instilled into it artistically. This is like giving life to feasibility report. Complete transference of feasibility reports ensures smooth functioning thus reducing time and resource losses.


The execution of the abstract entity to the simple understandable work takes place at this stage. Every stage of construction from plinth to photo finish requires microscopic care and standards. Every level is being watched out carefully, and a report is being developed simultaneously which is critically reviewed and connected by the relevant experts so that the construction may be taken to next level or stopped for rectification. At this stage what the clients have wanted very much for a long time finally takes shape.

Top Supervisors as Consultants

Country Developers provide comprehensive construction management consulting services producing the best result for projects. For every level and type of engineering, qualified and experienced team of experts are available. They remain busy through all the stages to ensure timely success of the projects.

Completion Surveys

The completed projects are thoroughly inspected by our dedicated team of professionals in order to make sure that there are no loopholes left. In fact the continuous monitoring teams of professional stalwarts help achieve the final stage successfully.

This accomplishment is a gold result of professional management.