Our Values


The employees of Country developers (CD) are committed to doing the right things in the right way. This approach has taken precedence over simple convenience. To accomplish this end, any action or activity that could call into question our reputation is shunned there and then. In every dealing the employees of CD are taught to stick with their words and fulfil their agreements with utmost honesty and commitment. All our employees comply with not only the letter but also spirit of all laws and regulations affecting our businesses.

Understanding and realizing the importance of the range of demanding responsibilities the construction professionals have towards clients, their companies, and by government regulations, our construction experts are trained in a way that they do not forget their ethical responsibilities in the face of these pressures.

Our team is introduced to the ethical issues in important areas of construction and are very well aware of the breadth and depth of understanding required to successfully negotiate the ethical challenges facing the construction organization of today.

Country Developers believes that maintaining a rigorous ethical standard is crucial to long-term success.


Country Developers has embraced the need for sustainable development processes within its projects and is committed to providing cost-efficient, environment-friendly and purpose-built buildings.

The Company’s planning, design and engineering team introduce sustainability principles at the design stage of projects that caters to the exact requirements of the projects and have a long-term commercial viability. Just like how the completed projects were done, keeping in mind the needs of the projects, i.e. educational institute and media house.

Our customers’ needs actively drive the strategic vision of Country Developers. We are devoted to fulfilling these needs and build long-term customer loyalty. Our Customers are our top priority and we take pride in helping them in any possible way. Every employee of Country Developers is fervent and devoted, the people manning the offices, at CD, are capable of helping our clients.

Hard work:

Country Developer’s business operations and services are conducted on the basis of Quality Management.

We recognize the importance of providing quality services to achieve for which our team works day and night to extend our policy in order to encourage all suppliers and consultants to apply the same principles to their operations, especially when providing the product or service to the company. The construction quality process includes:

  • Building assessments and compliance with the LDA rules and regulations.
  • Building inspections on completion of projects.
  • The appointment of an Engineer to oversee the works and communicate the scope and detailed requirements of the project.
  • The construction program that guides planning and preparation of the work.

Country Developers aim to drive our growth, evolution and success as we create opportunities to build the right things in innovative ways.


Vital to the successful delivery of any projects is the precise and timely programming of works on site and their ability to manage and construction schedule.

A well-planned and realistic schedule that takes into account as many variables as possible keeps a construction project moving along smoothly, alerts the construction manager when the project is about to run into snags and helps make needed adjustments when unforeseen circumstances arise.

The Company implements open and regular communication between its suppliers and contract managers to ensure the schedule is adequately maintained.

A defined link in the chain of business processes is ensured via our culture of timelines at Country Developers.


The ridge rope of our future is inclusion. It’s not just something we just say but what we practically do. It is a key component of our business plan and vital to the economic sustainability of the diverse communities and customers we serve. Our inclusion vow is reflected through every body’s involvement in the projects like the community, workforce diversity, and supplier diversity.