Who We Are


Punjab Group of Colleges

The inception of one of the best colleges and universities in Pakistan in 1985, laid the foundation of the Punjab Group with the aim of academic excellence at all levels for the purpose of shaping the future of its students. Over the span of almost 33 years, it has successfully emerged as the largest educational system in Pakistan, with over 490,000 students nationwide. It has firmly evolved in a wide range of educational, technological, media and communicational institutes…


University of Central Punjab

Education in the 21st century demands a balance between continuity and change. The technological leaps and the consequences thereof has overtaken the old educational paradigms and new concepts have emerged in the world of learning. The Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) was among the first to realize this transition and its challenges. PGC, therefore, submitted a petition to the Government of Punjab, in August 1996, to allow to establish a university in the province…


Capital University of Science & Technology

Our world today is in a state of flux. Information technology has changed, virtually, every facet of our lives, and an ever-evolving business environment affects each and every one of us. In order to keep pace with this unrelenting change, we must continue to acquire the skills and knowledge to embrace the innovations that are engulfing the global economy…



STEP is an entry test preparatory program operating under the umbrella of Punjab Group of Colleges that prepares you academically to take a step ahead and direct you towards your career goals. We offer you effective test preparatory manuals and effectual modules to prepare you for entrance test exams…


EFA Schools

Education is meant to develop every child’s character, personality and culture and as much knowledge as the child can assimilate not merely memorize. EFA School System aims to prepare its students for the challenges of the 21st century and empower them to meet the ask of a rapidly changing world. The prime objective of EFA School System is to provide its…


Resources Academia

We aim to provide contemporary knowledge to the future generations of Pakistan and educate them in the world’s most advanced disciplines in order to prepare them for the challenges ahead. It is our endeavor to inculcate in them the spirit of enterprise and the desire to excel. To that end we have a commitment to provide equal learning opportunities from the elementary to the higher secondary level…


Hadaf Group of Colleges

Hadaf Group of Colleges is a hallmark project of Punjab Group of Colleges (The largest educational network in Pakistan) that has laid its first brick in the city of flowers “Peshawar” for delivering that quality of education which is craved by every academically inclined individual. The foremost aim of the institution is to spread quality education in every…


Mohammad Ali Jinnah University

Mohammad Ali Jinnah University’s prestigious and spacious Karachi Campus has acquired an enviable reputation for its facilities and quality of education offered. It has an excellent record of success in a wide range of academic and professional training courses.The University is managed by a Board of Governors, with the Governor of Sindh as its Patron.The programs at MAJU are tailored to meet the real needs of today’s economy and employment atmosphere…


Allied Schools

The purpose of Allied Schools is to prepare students with a promise to enhance their intellectual, physical, social, emotional, spiritual, and artistic growth so that they may realize their power for good as citizens of Pakistan.I firmly believe that education is the basic right of all human beings living on this planet regardless of their social background. An educated nation is democratically stable and consistent in its economic viability, what I have learnt through my…


The Tower Tech

Tower Technologies (Pvt.) Limited (TTL) is a well-established IT company with over 225 man years of experience in software systems design and development. It is incorporated under the Companies Ordinance 1984 and is operating since 2001 as part of a larger conglomerate of private limited companies commonly referred to as The Punjab Group…


Dunya News

Dunya News is a 24 hours Urdu language news and current affairs television channel from Pakistan. It is governed and operated by the National Communication Services (SMC) Pvt. Ltd. Its head office is situated at Islamabad, Pakistan. Dunya News was founded and is owned by Pakistani businessman and politician Mian Amer Mahmood, and is part of the larger Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) group of universities, colleges and organizations.


Lahore News

Lahore News HD is a local television channel in Lahore, Pakistan. The channel transmits local news, current affairs, sports, arts, events and entertainment. It is part of Dunya Media Group. The Group also owns Dunya News Urdu news channel and Daily Dunya daily Urdu newspaper…